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Micro Boot Camp: Curving or Arcing Text [Illustrator]

Another easy way to add some style to the text you cut with your laser is to curve the text or put it on a slight arc.

  1. Type out your text.
  2. Right click on the text and choose, “Outline.”
    • Alternatively, you can click on your text and press CTRL+SHIFT+O
  3. Go to Pathfinder > Unite to make all of the text shapes connect as one shape.
  4. Go to Effects > Warp > Arc and choose the amount of curve you’d like. There are many other effects here you can play with as well.
    • You will find multiple effects that you can shape, such as bulge, fisheye, flag, etc.
  5. Object > Expand Appearance converts your newly shaped text to a shape you can then save as an SVG or PDF to cut on your Glowforge or other laser. 


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